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Why We Advertise

Dear friends of Daily Bible Verse App,

Thank you for your support of Daily Bible Verse App! Whether you've recently discovered Daily Bible Verse App or have been using the site and app for years, we're glad you choose to use Daily Bible Verse App and hope that it deepens your understanding of the Bible and your relationship with Christ.

I'm writing to explain an important feature you've undoubtedly noticed on Daily Bible Verse App: we support the work of Daily Bible Verse App with advertisements placed throughout the site and mobile app.

Advertising is one of the tools that equips us to do what we do. Advertising helps us cover our operating costs so we can keep Daily Bible Verse App—and extend its reach even further.

It's critical that any advertising presented on Daily Bible Verse App does not conflict with our mission. We encourage you to send feedback about ads whether positive or negative to help us improve your ad experience. So if you spot an ad that you consider problematic for any reason, we're listening. We want the ads to complement the website and mobile app, offering you relevant and valuable services and offers.

We're very aware of the trust you place in us when you choose to use Daily Bible Verse App, and we want to protect that trust carefully. We hope and pray that Daily Bible Verse App will continue to be a blessing to you in your spiritual walk.

Hope Factory Team

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